Trevor Hoag PhD

»Trevor Hoag PhD is a scholar/psychoanalyst whose research and teaching interests include rhetorical theory, digital media, and continental philosophy, particularly where these fields investigate memory and social movements. He earned his Ph.D. in English/Rhetoric from the University of Texas at Austin (2013), and his M.A. in philosophy from Ohio University (2007). He served as an Assistant Director of UT-Austin’s Digital Writing and Research Lab (2011-2013). His book, Occupying Memory: Rhetoric, Trauma, Mourning, analyzes how persuasion, figuration, and “writing” function in relation to memorialization, trauma, narratives, grieving, haunting, and survival. His work appears in the journals LiminalitiesEnculturationThe Journal of Technology and Interactive Pedagogy, and more.


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Curriculum VITAE


Doctoral Dissertation (English/Rhetoric): Occupying Memory: Rhetorical Studies for the 99%

The University of Texas at Austin: Digital Writing and Research Lab (DWRL)

Masters Thesis (Philosophy): The Free Spirit: A Critique of Things in Themselves as a Nihilistic Movement!etd.send_file?accession=ohiou1179433492&disposition=inline


P.S., Trevor lives with Ariadne aka “The Dood” aka “Nee-Nee” aka “Neela” aka “Dalarno-Dalarno-Thyme-after-Thyme“:


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